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"Why Purple Cow?
Ode to the Purple Cow"

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Stand out from the herd I: Going Up

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Stand out from the herd II: Mail Call

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Why It Pays (Big) to Be a Purple Cow

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10 ways to raise a purple cow

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Is Your Website Asleep?
Need to create a website that’s dynamite?

The arrival of the World Wide Web has transformed lives in many ways. While dramatic changes have come about, thanks to the internet, in every aspect of human life, it is a fact that the most impressive transformations have taken place in the world of business. Today, several businesses are choosing to do away with brick and mortar establishments, opting to go completely virtual instead. The fact that this is a viable proposition shows that the internet has earned an undeniable place for itself in the world of business.

In this internet intensive world, the unfortunate fact is that there are still many businesses, especially small business, that have not made the best of this incredible tool. The reasons for this hesitation may be many. But the fact remains that by denying themselves the opportunity to leverage the power of the internet and its various tools, these businesses are losing ground at a furious pace to their more tech savvy competitors.

There is little doubt that if they continue to depend only on traditional tools these businesses will soon have no customers left to service. This is because it is simply not possible for traditional marketing methods to spotlight a business and draw the right kind of attention to it with the same efficiency and to the same magnitude as internet marketing strategies can. Customers are the life blood of any business, no matter what the product or service sold. And when customers begin to dwindle, the business is finished!

Today, a business can remain competitive and, in fact, compete with larger rivals, by making complete and proper use of the various tried and tested internet marketing tools! Failing to do so will inevitably cause the business to lose its clientele steadily. The bankruptcy of video rental chain Blockbuster is a case in point.

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Errors

Below are the top 10 SEO errors that Spartan 6 most often finds when they're doing an SEO Strategy Analysis and what you can do about them.

Spartan 6 Tip I
Before we start, we suggest that you download Google's Chrome Browser and then add the SEO Site Tools extension. This extension immediately tells you the Page Rank of any page you visit and when you click on the magnifying glass, it gives you a ton of information about the Search Engine Optimization of that page and even suggestions on how you can improve your ranking. Kiss Metrics has a great tutorial that explains how to use the information that Google Chrome's SEO Site Tools provides
Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Errors:
  1. Incorrect Phone Number Formatting
  2. Not Listed in Reputable Online Databases
  3. Lack of Social Media and Improper Linking of Social Media
  4. Incorrect Blog Formatting
  5. Links that say "Read More" or "Click Here"
  6. Alt Image Tags Missing
  7. Improper Use of Headings
  8. Lack of Linking between Internal Pages
  9. Lack of Page Load Speed Formatting
  10. Do's and Don't
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Reputation Management

Whether your business is located in Okanagan Valley, Vernon or Kelowna, there is a truth which must be faced - if you aren’t managing your online reputation, someone else will! Local business which largely depends on ‘foot traffic’ as opposed to some form of online customer transaction.... >> Read More

Mobile Marketing

Smartphone adoption has been strong worldwide. According to eMarketer the number of Smartphone owners is likely to increase from 572 million in 2011 to 1 billion in 2015 with a penetration rate of 65%.
With greater Smartphone adoption, the number of people accessing the internet through >> Read More


With Google's latest algorithm updates, known as Panda and Penguin, webmasters have been diligently working to recover their web page rankings. However, as Google is continually making changes.... >> Read More